Additional equipment of the harvester head – color marking systems

Two types of color meaning systems are availabl – system in the cutting knife (Fig. 1) and the SuperMark colour system (Fig. 2).

The SuperMark system is used with the SuperCut saw equipment. Both systems (with the exception of the 3-colour SuperMark system) used the same dye pump.

Before use, we do not recommend using a color meaning system without coloring agent, as this may cause damage to the pump. To prevent malfunction of the system, follow the instructions for operation and maintenance.

Filling the colouring agent tank

Refilling the tank should start by putting on protective gloves, as the dye is very durable and difficult to wash off.

TIP: The left dye tank is larger, so you should pour the dye in the main color into it.

If your harvester head is new, the dye tanks have been filled with a clear glycol-based liquid that needs to be mixed with the dyes. Before filling the tanks, check and clean the strainer under the filler cap. During the operation it is necessary to be careful not to get foreign bodies into the tank. To mix the substance, you can, for example, rock the harvester head and tilt it for approx. 15 seconds.

Colour Marking Test

A test shall be carried out on each measuring system to check that the colour system is functioning correctly. It is recommended to repeat this step several times during each shift.


When it turns out that after adding the dye, it does not get out, you need to vent the system. In the case of a system, unscrew the stopper of the appropriate dye, wait for it to flow out and tighten.

As for the SuperMark system, you need to remove the vent cap, turn on the system and wait until no air bubbles are visible in the dye. Repeat for each colour and close the vent cap at the end.

NOTE: Do not keep your hands in front of the nozzles.

This threatens to cause serious bodily injury.

Other problems

If color meaning does not work, there may be two reasons:

  • dirty sieve – solid deposits may form as a result of the reaction between water and alcohol-based dyes. To get rid of them you can use a solvent.
  • foreign objects at the bottom of the throttle nozzle

Technical service

  1. Pump – in case the pistons lock and the spring does not pull back the piston, disassemble the pump to check the condition of the piston, cylinder and gasket. When the part is damaged, it needs to be replaced. After assembling the pump, the system must be vented.
  2. 2. Nozzle cleaning
  3. Color marking system in the cutting knife – nozzles should be removed and cleaned individually, using a thin steel wire, taking care not to lose the spring and plastic ball placed behind the nozzle.
  4. SuperMark colour marking system – if the nozzle leaks when not in use, clean it as follows: leave overnight in a solvent, open the shut-off valve with something non-metallic and clean to dry.

NOTE: Never disassemble the shut-off valve inside the nozzle.

If the colour system is not used for an extended period of time, the tanks should be filled with clean test fluid or diesel oil, then the engine should be started and all dyes flushed out.

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