A draft of a new regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment

In October, exactly on October 14, 2022, a draft of a new regulation was created, which was sent for public consultation and opinion. What changes does the Minister of Climate and Environment propose?

At first glance, you can see a few modifications, but also some extra points.

In the first place, the term „work coordinator“ was replaced by the work organizer, which by definition would include the employer, but also other non-employer entities that organize work.

Then changes were made:

  • it was agreed that work on standing trees and work with a power saw may only be performed by adults
  • the exact time of removing the suspended tree was specified
  • the provision regarding visual or voice contact during work related to Felling, skidding and loading of timber has been relaxed
  • in terms of training, the new draft refers to the current regulation of the Minister of National Education

In addition, new provisions have been added to the regulation:

  • a 5m danger zone was introduced when working with tools or machines with rotating elements
  • a danger zone was introduced covering the space within a radius of 2 m from the employee using a power saw
  • an obligation to train persons operating multi-operational machines was imposed, i.e. in particular feller stackers, feller harvesters, limbers and cutters, the so-called processors, felling-delimbing-cutting the so-called harvesters, self-propelled chippers with containers for chips.
  • it was specified that only adults and those who successfully completed the training may be engaged in wood skidding
  • the scope of the newly binding trainings was presented

Other important information?

The final chapter of the draft states that the regulation enters into force 14 days after its announcement. In practice, this will mean that a person without any qualifications will have only 14 days to obtain them.

The exception will be operators who obtained the authorization before the date of entry into force of the new regulation.

„§ 38. Works on standing trees, operation of mechanical saws, multi-operational machines and timber skidding and transport of timber are allowed to persons who, before the date of entry into force of this regulation, were authorized to perform these works.“

The table below compares the current regulation with the new project.

What do you think about the changes that the Minister of Climate and Environment wants to introduce?