How to choose a head for a harvester?

The head in a harvester is the most important element, which is often considered a separate machine, but cannot function on its own.

The harvester can be equipped with different types of heads, as long as the parameters are compatible with the model of our machine. What does it mean?

Companies often create machines in such a way as to limit the possibility of matching replacements. Therefore, we are forced to purchase original heads that guarantee a 100% fit. Therefore, there are a few things to check before buying:

  • manufacturer and model of the machine – information can be found on the nameplate or can be obtained from an authorized dealer
  • measuring system, e.g. the TimberMatic system found in John Deere machines
  • harvester head module supported
  • capacity of hydraulic motors
  • crane maximum load
  • hydraulic pump output

An important factor is also the nature of the work performed, i.e. the size of the trees to be felled. If the trunks have a small diameter, i.e. up to 620mm, we should choose a head such as H412, H413, H414. However, if the machine will be in contact with larger wood, you should consider the larger models – H270, H290, H415 or H480C.

However, in this case, we must be careful not to buy too large a head. Why? There is a risk that the machine, and more specifically the engine and pump, will not supply the right amount of oil and pressure, which will result in poor performance of the head. In addition, if the head is too large, the harvester may have problems with stability, which will also adversely affect the effects of our work. The key to success is knowing the parameters of our forest machine.

The last aspect that we should take into account are our preferences regarding the equipment of the head, namely:

  • packer/no packer
  • number of fixed and movable knives – three/four/five/six
  • type of feeding rolls – steel/rubber

Knowing the above information and your preferences, you become a fully conscious customer, ready to buy a new head.

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